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Turn customers into champions with faster accurate resolution to customer needs by clearly identifying issues and delivering customer needs on first contact.

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What can Kustomeroo do for you?

One of the best ways to build trust with your customers is to use two-way communication channels like video chat, particularly when they are having issues.

Faster accurate resolution to their problems

Video chat enables the agents to quickly gauge the problems faced by the customer and it is way less time-consuming than the customer trying to explain the problems over the phone or typing it in live chat and then the agent trying to explain the resolution steps over the phone and so on.

Better Relationships With Customers

A high level of personalization that, in the virtual world, is only achievable through video chat, builds better customer relationships and loyalty. This goes a long way in increasing the lifetime value of a customer. Customers also feel more connected to the company and feel that they are being cared for and their problems are being heard

Increased Credibility

When a customer calls a telephone support number, they do not know whom they are talking to, but during a video chat, the face-to-face conversation that occurs becomes more credible as the customer feels more comfortable talking to a real, relatable person and can see the facial expressions of the agent to feel connected to. This improves the credibility of the whole business. By providing real people to talk to your customers shows that your business is genuinely trying to make an effort

What brands are saying about video

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your time is valuable. Use our tool to rapidly identify issues and resolve them faster, so you can get on with your life.

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Stand Out from Your Competition

The information age is upon us. Digital stores don’t provide the most memorable of shopping experiences. Why not use live video chat to give your customers that personal touch they crave?


David Delke

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